More Rain…

Well last night was an adventure. I found out my rear light isn’t very waterproof. Tho I managed to rig up my extremely bright front light point backwards so that people behind me could see me, and also at the same time illuminated my extremely bright yellow waterproof jacket, so that people in front of me could see me too. I’m quite proud of that. of course, now i have to buy a new rear light. oh well.

My bike is in pretty bad shape. I think when I get my workstand, that I’m going to have to strip the frame down and rebuild it back up. It’s got way too mcuh grime and dirt and sand an crap on it now.

And I need to get some fenders if i’m going to ride in the rain. I pretty much got a butt full of sand and road grime. yum. After i took a shower i felt the need to dress up really nicely, so I’m in a nicely ironed button down shirt and my best pair of jeans on. I look good. :Pp

I organized my broomball party finally. after a week of some stupid guy never calling me back, i got fed yup and called another place who got it done in 5 minutes. their loss.

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