Biking on Angel Island

Went biking on Angel Island today. It was seriously, perfect weather, clear skies – The works. Funny being the mechanic of the group. I was busy setting everyone up, borrowing bikes from Arif and Hasnain. And we only went 5 miles! hahahah. oh well. it was fun anyways. Never had been to Angel Island before. It seems like quite a romatic place. We had to take the ferry from Tiburon in. It capped an end to a great weekend.

From left to right: Jack, Choon, Lynn, Ghim-Hong, Pei-Sun, James…

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One thought on “Biking on Angel Island”

  1. Hey, we’ve been to the top of Angel Island too. We went with a friend from grad school and when we got to the top, we found out that the Blue Angels were doing an airshow and it was amazing. I swear they were so close to our heads when they swooped around.

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