Great day.

Vince is doing much, much better today. No school for him today, he just stayed at home. Still a bit of wheezing, but nothing too terrible, and no fever.

Edda went to school today, we bought her uniform this weekend, a white shirt and dark blue skort. She promptly got her white shirt stained with red paint. Argh! What’s with the white shirts?

Jeremy went to get an annual checkup. I made an appointment at the Thomson Medical Center, because I had heard through the grapevine that it was the place where all the expats went to get their babies delivered. Apparently Jeremy got his annual checkup in a place that looked like a spa. Funny.

2 thoughts on “Great day.”

  1. Yay for Vince! I hope he stays better. And regarding Edda’s shirt, maybe they use white shirts because they know the kids will get them dirty, and white is easier to bleach? Probably not. Probably, they just think it looks nice and neat, and are not being at all considerate of the people doing the laundry.

  2. I so share your pain!!! Josh has worn white shirts since kindergarten. Why do they do this to us!? The school once asked for ideas etc re: the school i.e. academic changes. Forget academics. All I said was I wanted the shirts to either be brown or camo. My advice buy a bucket and keep it in a spot that you can add water and bleach to on laundry day and let’em soak.
    love, Sheila

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