Sick Vince,

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Vince is sicker than he’s ever been before. Right now, he and Jeremy are at the emergency room downtown. It all started last night with a weird sounding cough and a high fever. It took a while for the Motrin to kick in and bring his fever down – that’s Jeremy late last night waiting for his fever to come down in the picture at about 12:30 am. Jeremy took him to the 24 hour clinic at 1:30 am last night and got a diagnosis of bronchitis and got antibiotics and then brought him home. Today he seemed better, but then in the afternoon, the fever seemed to be spiking and his breathing became more labored. Jeremy took him to the ER and they monitored his blood oxygen level and now are doing some bloodwork and a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. They think that it’s croup. They gave him something for his breathing and his fever is down and his breathing is much better. Jeremy says that now he is sleeping and that they should be home in a few hours.

4 thoughts on “Sick Vince,”

  1. Hope Jeremy and Vince getting better. Use some soaked towels with luke-warm water rub against body parts can lower the temperature fairly effectively.

    Take care.

  2. Sounds so similar to what Josh used to get. If his fever can be monitored and is not too high, and if it doesn’t freak you out (it used to scare me) give him nothing or at the most Tylenol. You probably know all this already. The fever is your bodies way of “burning up the infection.” Motrin can fool your body. That according to Joshua’s asthma doc. Your dad is right too. Put the towels on his lymph nodes i.e. armpits, etc. Steam up the shower and sit and draw on a mirror for fun if he feels like it. That sometimes helped Joshua when he had croup and whooping cough. Good luck. The next few days may be a bit challenging.

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