Prata time!

Nothing exciting happened today. Just the SOS. Same Old Stuff.
Vince was running a low fever today – probably acquired from the IKEA
petri dish. Not really enough to make him lie still/puke/stop asking
for food or anything, but he was definitely off his mark today. So he
stayed home from school. Edda went to school and after we dropped her
off, we walked to this nearby prata shop that I’ve taken to going to
regularly. This was Vince’s first time and he was being a pain, but
eventually he acquiesced and went in and had a prata which are these
delicious fried breads which can be plain (Vince) or stuffed with
cheese and tomato (Doris) and then you dip them in curry sauce.

OK, I know he’s eating a donut in this picture. He wouldn’t sit
down in the prata shop until I bought him a donut at the 7-11 and I
really, really wanted a prata since I hadn’t eaten any breakfast and
it was almost 9:30 already.
Here’s the prata picture:
Can you see the curry sauce? Yummy. Notice my plate is totally empty.
I eat very quickly. Vince eats very slowly.

3 thoughts on “Prata time!”

  1. Mrs. Ling told me that curry is good for cold. I bought some curry powder in WA and plan to cook a curry chicken dish. I have to unpack all the kitchen stuff in the basement of sheets farm. BTW, the curry chicken is very easy to cook. Just ckickn wins or drums add some onion and curry powder. Some salt too.

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