Don’t rain on my parade.

Today I am a bit blue. No hubby here and I feel like crap. I’m not
sick enough to stay in bed and I’m not really well enough to be
walking around and climbing 4 flights of stairs. Blah, blah, blah!
Vince and I went to the science museum again today. Today we flew

When we left to go pick Edda up, it was pouring and I parked in
the furthest (farthest?) spot in the lot. We ran and ran to the car
laughing the whole time getting incredibly soaked. No worries. He
ran into Edda’s classroom to sing the last songs with the class and
the teachers saw how wet he was and mopped him up with a towel, took
off his wet shirt and found a spare one to lend him! They are more
prepared than me…

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