Open-minded knitter.

I’m pretty much game for knitting anything. I have a little bit of experience knitting lace. I’m using pretty heavy yarn (aranweight) and knitting Branching Out from – you know, just as an experiment – to see the little holes forming and to see the lace growing without straining to see the yarn or worry too much about knitting fine, fine yarn. I do have a ball of Kid Silk Haze that I bought when I just started knitting that I’m eager to try out, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to do that yet. I have no pattern and I’m a bit intimdated by the difficulty of frogging lace with actual laceweight yarn which I have heard is kind of difficult and also, I don’t think I have the right extreme pointy needles.

Summer is the time for lace – did you join the Amazing Lace KAL? I did, but I haven’t actually entered any of the challenges. It’s always summer in Singapore. I’m looking forward to moving back to the States and enjoying some winter (sweater) weather someday.

I don’t often post about knitting because I’m a really slow knitter and I don’t have that many finished projects, but here are a pair of baby socks I just finished and mailed to a charitable organization.


I did get a comment today about how cheap socks are to buy and why spend so much time knitting little socks. I usually answer something sappy, like they are made with love, but with my abilities, I almost always still prefer the store bought socks (but actually, I don’t wear socks here in Singapore – so it’s pretty much just useless knitting). I like knitting socks and things just to see things emerge from a string and two sticks. Today, I’ve been working on socks knitted from the toe up and I’m learning about short rows. I just follow some instructions and string becomes 3 dimensional, it becomes the toe part of the sock and I can stick my big toe in it and marvel at how clever people can be with string.

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  1. I also love knitting socks, I think mostly due to the fact that they look complicated, but it is fun to watch the become socks!

    So, if you were to knit a lace shawl….what color would you knit? I have been thinking of a certain pattern and there is a knit a long going on…would you like to do it with me?

    I haven’t ever knit lace either, so it might be the blind leading the blind! But think of the fun!


  2. I’d love to do the knit a long, I’ve never joined one before. Should be fun. Hmmm what color? I would love a deep, dark color (wine or brown – I know brown sounds blah, but it’s one of my favorite colors), but I’m afraid that it would be too hard to see the stitches. So perhaps a glorious red? What color are you doing your lace in?

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