Uh oh…

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. My clutch just died today. Yup. Nothing to do about that. I guess it’s had a good life as I’ve put 135k on my car. In a way, it’s actually really good timing cause I’ve been having problems starting my car lately. It’s either the starter or, hopefully, just the battery. I’ve been puttingoff calling the repair shop for that too, so now I can do it all at once. Wow. Maybe I’ll be nice and give my car it’s annual car wash now too!

Also, it’s good incentive to bike into work tomorrow. I watched An Inconvienent Truth, the Al Gore movie on global warming last week, and today I went by a sign that said, “Spare the Air, take Transit tomorrow”.

I will do just that.

4 thoughts on “Uh oh…”

  1. Sorry about the clutch going. How long are you going to run the car? It’ll be 8 years this summer – I can’t belive we bought it as we were getting married, sheez. I was trying to have the dirtiest car in Singapore, but Jeremy got the car washed last week over my protests. Some people have their maids wash their car every day!

  2. You sure you want to get all that stuff fixed? I heard about a really good deal on a newer Accord in MD. We are really getting used to the minivan lifestyle….

  3. 135K! it is not that bad. Our car never ran that far. Both Duster and Grimlin gave up around 100K. Old Crown Vic ran about 120K, the transmission gave in. We gave it to a Chinese repair shop owner. The Chrysler van was hit by someone when I was stopping in Allentown, Pa. It was totaled. The Intrique was hit by our sheets farm neighbor and it was totaled too when the car was parking along the street. Now we have three cars. Windstar is in Washougal, Vibe is in MD and Crown Vic is with us and we drive it to work everyday.

  4. The bad news is that the clutch is out. The good news is that it is less expensive to get it repaired than the automatic transmition.

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