Christian Night.

Well, tonight, I went off to a pre-turkey dinner night at one of Frank’s friend’s place. Of course, most of the people there were Christian, since they were mainly people from Frank’s church.

Now usually those are snorefests for me since it seems to me that nobody wants to talk to me – me being the only non Christian in the crowd. Or perhaps it’s just that everyone knows each other and it’s easier to be cliquey? Who knows. I went anyways, cause Frank wanted me to and the night turned out to be better than I was expecting. I found a comrade in arms – the younger brother of the hostess was sort of a non practicing Christian and we chatted for a bit.

Also there was the Chargers – Broncos game on, and everyone bonded over football and fantasy football. The Broncos lost (Sorry Scott, but you still want to trade Portis now? :P) but the better news is that Ladanian Tomlinson has scored 18 TDs in the last 6 games, and he pretty much is going to win fantasy football for me this year.

It was also a sorta funny event, since it was BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat). Frank bought some ribeye steak from costco for everyone and grilled it to perfection. There was chocolate fondue involved later on also that was quite yummy. I asked the hostess what the inspiration was to the BYOM party. She sorta laughed, and joked, “I didn’t want to pay dinner for everyone.” Heh.

One thought on “Christian Night.”

  1. I have been invited to a BYOM party before and it was the strangest invitation ever. I guess I like the idea of potluck more than BYOM. Somehow I don’t mind potlucks, but I think BYOM is just taking frugality too far..

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