Cabbage day.

It’s been a cabbage kind of day.


Do you see the Joy of Cooking in the background? It was the only cookbook that I brought to Singapore. I love this cookbook, so classically American, it just is a pain that a lot of the ingredients can’t be found at our local supermarket. I heard that they came out with a new edition that is more of a homage to the original, more folksy tone. The edition I have (early 90s) is the more worldly one – more ethnic recipes and culinary tips and I think they got rid of the game section. I wonder if they brought it back for the newer edition – you know recipes for rabbit and squirrel. (Have I ever eaten a rabbit? I can’t remember.)


Look at this terrible join I did a bazillion rows ago. I just knit the two yarns together for 20 stitches and then dropped the yarn from the first cone. Somehow it’s gotten itself tangled in a lifeline and now it’s a bunched up mess. There is no way in hell I’m going to rip back a bazillion rows, so this is what it’s going to be.


But! I used the internet to figure out how to do it better! A Russian join.

Lookie here (I apologize for the photos, I was using natural light, but these are just ugly):

Two ends, in love:


They intertwine:


You thread the first end onto itself:


Go a few inches:


Do the other side:




It looks like one!



I have no idea what this is, but it’s so cool!
Location: Singapore

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