Why Women Carry Purses….

I think I finally figured out why women carry purses. It’s actually quite practical … in a way. Like guys, girls have to carry stuff. Things like cash and ID and key and a phone. Of course, most women carry more stuff than guys. Things like possibly make-up or other things.

Now guys just carry stuff in their pockets and are done with it. The trouble is that if you’re a girl, and you want to wear those sexy, ass-hugging, $200 pair of designer jeans to show your booty off, well that’s all well and good for showing your smackable butt, but it ain’t no good for shoving your iPod in your pocket when your jeans are skin tight. It’s just not practical or comfortable to have things in your pockets. So then? Of course, women have to create another fashion item, the purse, to carry their junk in, so they can still show off their butts to the guys.

Ronnie just pointed out to me that purse is actually from the latin, puris savus, for “satchel for carrying bits of your dinner that you didn’t finish but want to take home”. It’s funny how the word has evolved…

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