Things about Doris – (#11-20) Personal Hygiene

That’s right, I’m sticking my tongue out at you!


11. My favorite personal hygiene procedure is flossing.
12. I can tell I’m off kilter when I don’t bother to floss before bed.
13. I can take a 30 second shower to get ready in the morning (soap the dirtiest areas and wash hair and face.)
14. I have never: had a perm, tweezed my eyebrows, colored my hair or gotten a pedicure.
15. I don’t like getting haircuts.
16. I don’t shave because I have very little body hair.
17. I don’t use deodorant because I think I don’t smell.
18. I like keeping my nails trimmed and unpolished.
19. I love baths. A hot bath and a good paperback book is all I need to waste a few hours.
20. I wear a mouth guard at night because I grind my teeth terribly when I sleep.


I’m almost out of yarn on this cone. I wonder how I’m going to attach it to the next cone? Hmmm..


I was again at the library looking at stitch patterns. Normally I’m not into bobbles, but look how cute!





Scientific name: Tabernaemontana
Common name: Pinwheel Jasmine
Location: Singapore

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  1. Hi Doris,
    I think its nice to drop you few words.I been reading your blog lately and its interesting! My name is Kitman and I am a Malaysian but married to an Texan, now living in Plano, TX. Hows your life in Singapore? Hope you are doing fine there. =)

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