Good grief, we’re grumpy.

This weekend was a bit strange. Jeremy’s been a bit off – he’s over caffeinated and therefore doesn’t sleep well. There is a lot to think about and do over the next few months – moving back to the US, starting up a new job and setting up stuff for the kids. We’ve moved so many times before, I’m hoping this will be the last one for a little while (and when I say little while – I’m hoping for at least 3 years!)

None of us are sleeping that well. Vince, Jeremy and I all get up at least once in the night to switch beds, Edda wakes up at least twice asking for a parent, none of the wakings last long (usually), but they are disruptive. We all wake up in different rooms than when we started.

Today, Jeremy met up with Zeng-Gang, his adviser from graduate school. He was doing an eight hour layover in Singapore on his way to India and he managed to squeeze in a visit with Jeremy. We waited for him at the Esplanade – downtown along the waterfront. I asked Jeremy to take the quintessential Singapore tourist photo.



I love lifelines. I haven’t needed to use one yet on this project, thank goodness, but they are all still there. Does this mean I am afraid of risk? Perhaps.




Scientific name: Cordyline terminalis
Common name: Ti Tree
Location: Singapore

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  1. Hey Doris, How can we help with the move? If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask. I would be happy to fly up and watch the kids, unpack boxes or whatever you need when the time gets closer.

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