Sad but that Is Life

Jen was my colleague in Singer Simulation. His two kids played with Doris & Donald occasional back in the 70s.

Unfortunately or fortunately, he has had lung cancer for almost 5 years. Last Thanksgiving, we invited Jen, his wife and many other friends to our house. He was fine and we enjoyed our food, conversation and gathering a lot.

However, on Thurday last week, I received a phone call with a very bad news to tell that Jen’s wife was in coma right after brain surgery on Jan 22nd at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

She was perfectly healthy just about one month ago. It happened so suddenly that right after Christmas, she lost her short term memory. Then she was diagnosed brain tumors. It was later found to be cancerous and also was the most aggressive kind.

Today, I received words that she is still in coma. Doctors and people around her realize it is really very bad indeed.

One more sad thing, the kid, across the U street, has some kind of illness that he can not move around easily. I asked his father yesterday about his situation. He is not improving at all, just hanging there. And his father said “That Is Life”. Life? Very unpredictable…

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