High K? High K?!!??!!

In an interesting announcement, Intel and IBM have developed the supposed “biggest change in semiconductors in over 40 years”. I’m a little dubious about that claim, however, when looking at the diagram, I notice that they use a high K dialectric for their gate material. I thought everyone was all hyped up on low K stuff. Or am I getting my transistor structure totally confused here. Perhaps someone from a highly respected competitor would care to chime in?

Ah I see. I just need to do some research on wikipedia. High-K good for transistor gate material. Low-K good for interconnect material. Hrm, but really? 40 years?

2 thoughts on “High K? High K?!!??!!”

  1. Yeah, I was a little peeved that the NY Times had a big front page headline about the intel announcement even though the Intel paper and the “IBM and Partners (read AMD)” paper was probably presented in the same session of the same conference. Anyway they are no doubt a bit ahead, but we will get em. Just give us time. The whole low k high k business is funny. I have nothing to do with high k personally, just low k.

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