Guess who signed up for yoga class?

It’s been a quietly unhappy week chez Doris. It’s mainly driven by my monthly swing in hormones. This week things seem not as shiny as when the new year started.

Edda’s school has lost a few teachers. None of Edda’s teachers left, but a few on her floor and I didn’t notice until 3 weeks into the term when I saw that one of the classrooms was quiet. I opened the door – the lights were off, chairs scattered and all the artwork down. And then I found out through the grapevine that another teacher left and a few students I was fond of also went away. I didn’t know these people well, I don’t know where they went, but I’m sad just the same. Arg, why do things have to change?

Jeremy is preparing for our eventual move back to the US. The company that we’ve rented the car from has been notified, Ruby’s vet is readying the paperwork, air travel is being considered (Jeremy did have an idea that we’d take the Queen Mary so we wouldn’t be jet lagged, but we’d have to dress in a tux and gown for dinner and god knows that we aren’t good for that..). I am a little snappish when Jeremy asks me detailed travel questions. I think I’m still in la la land, thinking that I can procrastinate on planning and maybe it will never happen, or that it will happen so slowly that I won’t notice too much and then one day I’ll look up and there will be a mug of hot tea in my hand and snow falling outside and I’ll think, that’s funny, where did the pool and palm trees go? Ha ha ha!

Vince is alternating being excited to look at real estate online with Jeremy (another task that Jeremy is enjoying and I’m sort of avoiding – Hello, my name is Doris and I like to avoid things) and saying that he wants to stay in Singapore forever.


Tonight is the first class. No flirting allowed!



Scientific name: Allamanda cathartica
Common name: Golden trumpet
Location: Singapore

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