Sweet. I just picked my first double sided lock.

JT, Frank and a friend of his are going off to Tahoe in about 5 hours. JT was busy at home, putting stuff in his car, and he went to go put his snowboard up on his SUV, and doh! He found the ski attachment was locked. Well, no problem, he’ll just find the key and open it. Unfortunately the key was stuck in the other ski attachment – or rather I should say, half of the key was stuck there. Last season, JT managed to rip his key in half in his haste to come inside from the cold. So he was stuck…

He calls me up and luckily I had some spring steel that I had ground down into a lock pick at the bike shop. So I went over there and picked it. Sweet. I’m proud of myself, and have promptly earned a ton of, as Allen Iverson would say, street cred.

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