My date with Vince.

Today Vince and I went out on a date. He took me to our neighborhood mall for some sushi. Decorations for Chinese New Year are all up and they are playing terrible, terrible Chinese new year songs in all the retail stores. Blech!



My Icarus is continuing smoothly. I put in some good knitting time today and I’m almost done with Chart 2, the first section of the border. The feathers of Icarus are starting to form!


I mentioned that when I was doing the paired yarn overs that one seemed to use a lot more yarn than the other and it did result in lopsided eyelets. The one on the right is larger than the one on the left because I had to go further around the needle to reach the next purl stitch. I guess the blocking will take care of it.


I was in the library today when I looked at 50 New Milanese Lace Patterns by Patricia Read. I know this isn’t knitting, but I loved looking at these lace projects.




Maybe something like this can be incorporated into a lace knitting project? Hmmm.



Scientific name: Oxalys
Common name: Wood Sorrel
Location: Austin, TX

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