Timed photos.

Yesterday I taught Vince how to use the timer function on my camera. He experimented. Jeremy wasn’t home yesterday for the timed photo so tonight Vince wanted to show off his new skill and propped the camera on our electronic keyboard for a family photo.


“You were standing right in front of me, Vince!”, said Jeremy. So Vince runs and tries to set up another photo. He grabs for the camera and resets the timer and balances it on the keyboard again but this time I see the camera slide off the keyboard and smash onto our marble flooring, which is pretty hard, just ask Edda who still falls and hits her head on it every once in a while.

Does it still work?


(Look at Vince’s face of concern. He did apologize quite promptly and rubbed my cheek with his little hand.) Apparently it still focuses and takes pictures although the outer case is a bit dinged up and it’s a little difficult to push the power button. Oh well, remind me again how I should never ever buy a super expensive camera.


I’m making progress on my Icarus shawl. Thank goodness the main part of the shawl is over, it was really quite boring after I got over the initial shock of starting my first real lace project.

I’ve copied the pattern and I’m slowly crossing off the rows. I always imagine people knitting without patterns in front of them, but somehow I can’t manage this. Maybe someday…


The repeats are pretty easy to remember but I have to remember not to fly by the center spine which is slightly different than the body of the repeat. In the past I’ve actually had the stitch marker on the needle and I had to slide it from one needle to the next and I hated doing this, so I stopped marking the center spine. Then for about 5 RS rows, I completely knit past the center without noticing and I would have to backtrack. So I went back to marking, but this time, just a little under the needle, so no sliding and I can see when the center is coming up! So lame not to think of this earlier.


The fringe part is filled with unusual yarn overs. From a knit stitch to a yarn over to a purl stitch to a yarn over to a knit stitch. The first yarn over seems a mile longer than the second yarn over, but I guess it will all even out with blocking.




Scientific name: Solanum rostratum
Common name: buffalo burr
Location: Austin, TX

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