Mom’s post.

Mom is having trouble logging into her account, so I’m posting this for her..

I have moved into my two bedrooms apartment and last night, I cooked my first meal at apartment. I have soup, fish and green beams. Cleanup lady comes once a week. But I still want wash my cloth by myself. The washer works very well. The dryer is very very small. I use cloth line and dry naturally.

The air is not clean so I closed windows. Some items are not cheap. I bought some CD. The average price is $6 each. One is about $12. Food is relatively cheap. Some fruits are not cheap.

I had allergy reaction the first day I moved into apartment due to dust. I had swallow eyes. They toke me to the company’s healthy clinic. The lady doctor is very nice and she gave me some eye drop and some medicine.

First week was bit rough. Now I am settle down. Yesterday, I took subway, and went to TEEMall. It is a very nice mall and the lady’s room is very clean. I like that.

I think, this is my last job and ready to retire and run MiniSystems leisurely.

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