Weekend Update…

I guess it’s always a busy weekend, but this weekend was fairly busy.

Friday night I skipped out on having dinner with Arif and the gang, cause I needed to cook for a potluck on Sunday night. (More on that later.) But I didn’t end up doing much cooking at all since my roommate had some folks over for a dinner party and I didn’t want to interrupt their fine dining.

Saturday, was ski day. My other roommate, Frank, had his first snowboard day! He just bought a snowboard in December, but never got a chance to use it, that is until Saturday. We went to a small place, Dodge Ridge near Yosemite. When I mean small, I’m talking small. JT and I, who are intermediate skiiers, basically skied the entire mountain in about an hour, 15. Of course, the conditions were crap. 12 inches of base snow. I think I gougedd my skis on some rocks. Sigh. Frank did really well tho. We hung out with him in the afternoon. He could turn heel side and toe side, but like any beginner tooks some tumbles. It was worse cause either he couldn’t slow himself down, or he just liked going fast, so all those tumbles were at a fairly good clip. He’s sore today. 🙂

Sunday was just some shopping in Gilroy. I got some bib tights (biking shorts that have suspenders and go down to your ankles) for 25% off. And then we found a coupon for the store and went back and got another 15% off. That paid for lunch. I’m finding that you can stillget pretty good deals not even working at the shop. 🙂

Sunday night was Yi-Ling’s monthly potluck. January’s theme was “starters”. Get it? 😛 Heh. I made some bacon wrapped scallops and a dessert of lemon squares. Dean made a yummy stuffed mushroom, with garlic and turkey stuffing. It was pretty yummy. Tho now I have to start training for this triathlon… Need…. to… lose… weight…

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update…”

  1. Is that Donner Ridge the same Donner as the infamous Donner Party? Bacon wrapped scallops? Yum! Did you take a picture of it? I also have never had your famous lemon squares, you must make them next time we are together.

  2. Heh, every avid skier must have at least 2 pairs of skis — one for the rocky days, and one for the powder days 🙂

    If the gouges aren’t to deep you can fill them in with PTEX. Msg me sometime if you want to know how, but then again, I’m sure you can find something on google just as easily…

  3. i can vouch for the lemon squares – delicious! thanks for sacrificing the friday to make them, too! somehow i’m not surprised you made BACON wrapped scallops :*)

  4. Whoops. it’s Dodge Ridge, not Donner RIdge where they had to eat each other.

    Bah, the second batch of lemon squares did not come out as well. I think they got over baked. ugh.

    Rock skis- yeah i know i should have a pair. I dunno if i would call myself and “avid” skier” anymore tho. 🙂

    Bacon. Yum!

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