Spaghetti night.

Thursday is spaghetti night. Spaghetti is our favorite family meal, everyone loves to eat it – no one complains. Edda eats it all chopped up, Vince and Jeremy like to twirl with a spoon and I just shovel it in.


Sausage first. I cut it up into disks when they are frozen because I usually forget to put them into the fridge to defrost the night before. Today we had no onions, I usually throw a chopped one in. Then we add our favorite sauce.


I always laugh because Vince loves Paul Newman! I tried to explain that he is more famous for being a movie star but Vince thinks that he is the sauce man. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie starring Mr. Newman, but I’ve eaten gallons of his sauce. We have to go downtown to the fancy supermarket to horde up on this stuff. It’s good.



I started knitting Pomatomus from


It’s my first time doing twisted stitches and so far the 1P, 1K tbl is working out just fine. I’m embarrassed to say that sometimes I forget which way to wrap the yarn around the needle to make the stitch straight or twisted so I’m hoping that I don’t screw up the pattern too much.

I’m using Sockotta yarn, which has a high cotton content and I think that will make the details of the sock show up better. Normally I’d feel a bit nervous about using a striping sock yarn on this textured pattern, but I think it’ll turn out fine. I do love the denim-y feel to the yarn.

Also, the pattern called for size 2 needles which is pretty standard for socks, but I find that the stitches turn out too loose for my taste, so I switched to size 0.



Scientific name: Agaricus
Common name: mushroom
Location: Singapore

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  1. That is crazy that you can do all that knitting! I’d be lost and feeling very dumb. Keep up the good work. Think we will have spagehetti tonight now that I saw your blog.

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