Missing Singapore


Vincent has been tearful the past few days missing his pals from Singapore. I know it’s tough for him to adjust to the rough and tumble mannerisms of his camp-mates. It also doesn’t help that he’s the littlest one at camp. Each time we suggest something fun to do, he resists and cries. Also when I don’t take his suggestions (Mom! Please wear your high heels and go bike riding with me!), he just crumples with sobs. It’s not as if he doesn’t like camp or the things we do, it’s just that the moving and the job searching has been hard on him.


It’s pretty much impossible to get Edda to drink enough liquid. She knows how to drink through a straw, but she probably drinks less than on cup of liquid a day. I try, with orange juice, apple juice, milk, water… Today I discovered the magic elixir, I’m embarrassed to say that she loves cherry Kool-Aid. She drank 4 glasses at dinner without spilling a drop.


Summertime smile.


The world is small.

Today I had an informational interview at a biotech company about 2 miles from where we live. He’s a classmate of mine (who I did not know) was kind enough to tell me a little bit about the history of the biotech industry in Montgomery county and figure out how I could find myself a position within the industry.

I’m always so nervous before these little sessions, I know the Martin men look at me strangely when I tell them that it takes me a lot of psychic energy to speak with people I don’t know. It doesn’t matter that we spoke easily about science and protein purification for two hours, found out that we have a close friend in common and, at the end, discussed the hourly rate for a high-school babysitter, it’s still tough for me to start off a conversation.

I figure I have to talk to about 15-25 people face-to-face before I find a job, I’ve done 2 so far. Sigh.

The Sunday dinner was shifted to Friday night for various reasons. The cousins are getting more used to having Edda around and Edda is getting used to everyone else’s house. Sarah was feeding Edda grapes (so cute!) and the kids put on a performance and Edda kept weaving in an out of the kids giving everyone a slobbery slap on the arm.


Guess Who…

… I just met at the airport? Uncle Robert! On his way off to China to see his wife and kids. Funny. I was there dropping of Xin and Shwe in the Air China line, and there he was, like 6 people up. It was quite a shock to see him in SF. It was his layover. I wanted to invite him to lunch, since Xin ans Shwe and I were going to go out after checking in their luggage, but he disappeared really fast. Oh well. Lunch didn’t happen anyways as Xin and Shwe were in the wrong line since their flight was run by United, and that line was at least 100 people deep, spanning past 2 check in aisle in the international terminal. Crazy.

It was good to see him, but you can tell Uncle Robert still smokes. Ugh.


I have a few job things I have to go to this week, so I headed to Lakeforest Mall to prepare myself to be seen outside the mom/playdate arena. I have been going to Lakeforest mall since the Limited came out with the Forenza sweater and my girlfriends were toting around LeSportSac purses. It is no longer the cool mall in the area, but I went back to my old faithful and she did not disappoint. I got a bunch of dress suits 75% off and some pants, I’m good to go.

Just to take my mind off job hunting, I channeled Marilyn Monroe.


A career is wonderful thing, but you can’t snuggle up to it on a cold night.
-Marilyn Monroe