I’ve been thinking a lot these days. (When have I not thought a lot?) I’ve been at my place for 2 years now. I’ve been at my job for 2 years now. I guess life is sorta moving forward, and I feel like nothing is changing. I’m pretty much responsibility free, so it’s kinda nice to lead my own life. I suppose I was/am working on the girl thing, but it’s a lot of work and as mentioned in a previous post, perhaps it’s better to make my own way first? Anyways. It might be time for a change. But I have a healthy fear of change. So I’m mostly talk.

Here are some choices for me:

– Move back to DC

I could spend more time with Doris and her family, which I find to be a fun time. we’ve talked about this briefly. Vince is getting to a good age to go out and have fun (if he doens’t whine). And dunno. there’s a definite draw with family. While we’ve joked about it before, but it migght be nice to start some business with my sister.

– Move into the city

Might be a good change of scenery. I’d probably hang out with a different crowd than I do right now. It’d probably be pretty expensive. I would want to live in a hip part of town. Of course, I kinda dislike hip pretentious city folk. Oh well.

– Change jobs

Honestly, I’ve never changed jobs “responsibly”. I’ve always quit a job before getting the next one. It would boost my confidence a bit if I could get a job this way for once. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Choices…”

  1. One of the “things” is your own family. All your friends have their families, you will regret if you do not have your own. Of course, there are resposibilities. On the other hand, there are rewards as well. Responsiblities and rewards are coming together.

  2. Don, Singapore is nice. Girls? MIT ABC, no problem.

    The advantage of not having responsibilities is that you can switch jobs irresponsibly. It’s also fun to throw that in the face of anybody who tells you how happy they feel to have a family.

    So move somewhere for a couple of years while you can. You’re going to spend the rest of your life in California?

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