Butterfly is Hard.

Wow. Okay, so I’m taking a swimming class in prep for my pending tri attempt. Honestly, I’ve gotten decent at the freestyle. I manage to keep my head underwater for most of the stroke. I breathe out thru my nose so I don’t get a pool full of water in my nasal passages. I can tilt my head a little bit to get some air. Tho I do need to work on the path my hand goes thru the water, I can confidently say that I’ll probably make it in my swim. Breaststroke not bad. Backstroke I can do.

But today we tried to learn butterfly, and man oh man. it is hard. Dolphin kick? um… yeah. I just didn’t get it. Your arm motion is supposed to be exactly the same as freestyle, but I find the timing of the kick and the pull to be a bit weird. I guess I can safely say that I suck in the butterfly.

2 thoughts on “Butterfly is Hard.”

  1. I seem to be the only one of my neighbors who can do the crawl. They seem to only teach the breaststroke here, even though swimming is rather popular. People don’t even bother to learn the crawl before entering a tri, which seems weird to me, since it’s not really that hard. Is it?

    I don’t think I’ve tried the butterfly since…swimming class at MIT. I think it was a last day kind of thing.

    I should have someone check out my form, though.

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