Feeling better today.

Michelle, a friend of ours from grad school, flew in today from sunny CA to attend a conference and she came over for dinner. One nice thing about living in the Washington DC area as opposed to Austin, Taiwan, upstate NY or Singapore, is that a lot of people we know often come by on business or pleasure and they stop by to see us! It’s nice.

Here we are posting sentry for the school bus.


We didn’t miss the bus today. Woo hoo! 1 point goes to suburban mom!

Also, I’ve been slowly clearing out the overgrown garden in front of the driveway. I’m using small 2-inch hand clippers. It’s suppose to be a zen/meditation thing or else I’m just crazy.





I stumbled onto another nest – also motherless. I’m waiting a bit before I remove it because I’m just sentimental in that way.


Job-wise today. I’m trying to apply for various government jobs and I found one that I might or might not qualify for depending on how much I sell myself and my previous work experience. Every government job is listed online and there is a corresponding phone number to call if you have questions. Now this job that I’m thinking about applying for has a one-year training component and there are many vacancies and so I called asked her very general questions like – is it competitive? How many people apply and how many positions are there? She said that she couldn’t give out that kind of information. Then I asked when the training would start, mainly so I would know what kind of time frame I was looking at – you know if they said the training started in September, I would know that if I hadn’t heard by the last week of August, blah, blah, blah… Anyways, she was also not allowed to give that information out as well. Sigh, those HR people. Always so helpful.

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  1. Good job on making the bus! And I’m truly impressed with your zen concentration for trimming all that grass and weeds. As for the job–go for it! I know you’re not a natural extrovert, but sell yourself hard now, and then when you get the job, you can relax a bit. I’m crossing my fingers for you!!

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