Furor over French toast.

Father and son happily making French toast.


Two minutes later, Vince is in tears. He wants to eat the French toast tomorrow, not tonight.

What’s up with that?

2 thoughts on “Furor over French toast.”

  1. Brooklyn will eat French Toast any hour of the day, it is her absolute favorite food! I also wanted to see of you had tried the Capri Sun flavored water with Edda? I thought since she loved the cherry kool aid she might like them. We JUST tried it with Brooklyn, it was a hit! She will not drink out of their tiny straw but if we dump it in her cup she loves it, just thought I would pass along what works (today) for us.

  2. Hey Doris I just read through your blog from past 10 days or so. So great. We were in Colorado. All it is doing is raining here in Texas. It is VERY humid but hasn’t hit the 100 temp mark yet so that has been a good thing. I think you look like a “hot mama” in that little red knitted number of yours. 6 inches too short on you is good. On me vomit inducing.

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