Toro. The anti PDA cat.

I suppose equal air time is in order, so here’s Toro, in his bed. I think she’s not so happy with me, tho I managed to somewhat force a kiss out of that cat. So she got to eat today. We’ll see if it happen tomorrow. Winston is very funny. He keeps dragging out Pei-Sun’s clothes into the living room and … ah … sorta goes at it. It’s very strange. I don’t even know where he’s getting the clothes from! But there’s like a sweater, a skirt, a blanket, and one other item I’m forgetting at the moment. I’m just folding them up and creating a laundry pile on the dining room table.

Tonight was relaxing. Just came home, watched Strictly Ballroom, and tried to make a lemon drop with some _really_ sour lemons from Choon’s tree. Oye.

2 thoughts on “Toro. The anti PDA cat.”

  1. Yeah. Winston is a he. So he loves Pei Sun’s smell. So the clothes is the best when she is not around… BTW, Taiwan is great! Just spent 5 hours checking out the museum. Super tired now…

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