Flu shots.

Str-e-e-etched thin this week. I hate complaining, my schedule is no more crammed than any other family, but what can I say? There is a lot going on including the meltdown of the banking sector in the US – which we had nothing to do with – I swear!

Last week, the kids’ pediatrician called me and told me that the preservative-free flu shots were in and did I want to make an appointment for Edda. I had never heard of preservative-free flu shots before, but since they called and reminded me that the kids needed flu shots, I scheduled sppointments for both kids.

Vince is such a wimp when it comes to shots – he freaks out and then he tenses up which makes the whole thing much more painful. I have had to practically have my whole body clenching him in a burrito roll so he doesn’t punch the nurse. So I specifically asked for the “backwards sneeze” flu shot – the Flu Mist – cost ten bucks more, but oh, so worth it.

I was feeling guilty that Vince was getting the up-the-nose shot and Edda was signed up for the jab-in-the-arm shot. Would Edda hold it against me? Treating the two kids to different amounts of pain? Turns out she didn’t make a peep from the shot, didn’t yelp, turn her head or look at me with indignation. I tried telling Vince that Edda didn’t think it hurt much, but he said that he liked his way of getting the flu medicine. Thank you very much.

A little IRSF gossip…I heard from the Virginia rep that next year’s conference over Memorial Day weekend is going to be in Leesburg, VA. I had always thought they picked large cities and Leesburg is not a large city, although I believe it has great outlet shopping, this is a suburb of DC right near Dulles Airport. Right in my neck of the woods!

Flu shot anticipation (feel the tension…)


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  1. Meltdown of US financial sector(not just banking) is certainly affecting everyone. Sorry for those who have been or are going under. But, it creates opportunity for others in the meantime. Just like the words for "crisis" in Chinese, it consists of two characters – they are "danger" + "opportunity".

    For examples, it is golden time to borrow more money, or to re-finance one's mortgage because of the low interest rates Or, it is time to invest in real things (eg., house, land, gold, silver, etc.) instead of nesting in US paper $$$ which is worth less everyday.

    USA today is just like a wealthy, big name family in China in Chinese folk tales, has a lot of assets accumulated by several generations. But, currently, the balance sheet is always on the negative side because of no real production work (i.e., something tangible and you can see) in this family but a lot of empty talk with plenty of useless paper work.

    Sooner or later, it is going to the point of no-return and collapses like Bear Stern, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG and more … Just hold your breath, wait & see 🙁

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