The Halls of Congress

This morning I went to Ted Kennedy’s office to ask for money on behalf of Edda and all the other folks with Rett Syndrome. I did not do this one by myself, I went with folks from IRSF and took a back seat in the meetings. I passed John Kerry’s office along the way. Wow, I still can’t believe I’m traveling the corridors of Congress. There was lots of talk about politics – things are very busy and exciting.

They also had arranged a meeting with Clinton’s folks later in the afternoon and I really, really wanted to go (Hillary’s office!), but I had to hoof it on back to work, I had only arranged half of a day off and the end of the fiscal year is coming up at the end of September and I have a boatload of work to do at work.

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The Halls of Congress, originally uploaded by mikeanderson720.

2 thoughts on “The Halls of Congress”

  1. I think they all are our (people’s) representatives, nothing more 🙂

    Ted K is the guy who loves environment. But, when someone proposed wind mills in the bay in front of his backyard. Of course, he said “no”. What an environmentalist!

    Hillary Clinton is much better than those, think.

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