We are trucking along here in the Lee-Martin household, hoping that we are not heading into the 2nd Great Depression (Jeremy is obsessed with the fed and the roiling of the markets this week, so our dinner time talk has been less than uplifting). Last week at my parent’s house, Vince found his uncle Donald’s old Star Wars monopoly game…


2 thoughts on “TGIF.”

  1. I was impressed that Vincent was really nice to ask Uncle Donald first for his permission to play the game. And Uncle Donald was equally nice to give the game to him.

    Last night, I watched Kevin Phillips (a former Republican strategist) on TV. His thinking is close to my thinking with only minor differences. Check his books out!

    I believe that basically, good (not more or less) regulations are needed. To make things more complicated than necessary for the benefits of the “rich and powerful” is bad. And to make free handout to the “lazy and unproductive” crowd is equally bad.

    Btw, Zonta Internation is pleased that Mom continuously supports the Amelia Earhard Fellowship Fund this year. Mom was one of the three recipients of this Fund for 4consecutive years starting 1966. Without Zonta’s generous grants, Mom education process certainly could become more difficult.

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