Election Night.

Well… I suppose it was quite an exhillarating night. I know all y’all are east coasties, but I thought I would share some of the going ons over here in Cali-forn-i-a. Most of you are spared from the insanity that are the California Proposistions, but somehow, somewhere, the politicians decided it would be wise to let the public vote directly on laws. Of course, it’s not like californians really understand the impact of the laws that they are vote for/against. What’s 10 billion in bond payments for a high speed rail system?

Anyhow I’ll make two comments here…

1) Sadly, Prop 8 seems to have passed by a 52-47 margin. I don’t know how gay marriage affects any straight person’s lives… So I was surprised that it passed.

2) SF has it’s own propositions too. Here’s a funny one. Complete with arguments/rebuttals. Ha. It was defeated 70-30. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Election Night.”

  1. For the first one, I think I may know some of the older people think. It is just about what they think, but not about whether their thinking is “right” or “wrong”. Marriage, traditionally, means a union between a man and a woman, not between two men or two women. Therefore, most of the people in marriage would like to inherite, or to keep, that “word” for themselves alone.

    Today, most the people would realize all legal benefits for gay marriage. But called it “gay marriage”, or “civil union” or something else, just not “marriage” in traditional sense.

    Oh, probably 25 years ago when gays were still hiding in the closet. Yet knowingly, we rent our house on Duke Street to a gay couple. They were very nice and never missed a payment. I was happy they rent the house for a long time. To me, as a practical person, economy was the first and foremost concern. Discrimination was not the right way to foster financial security.

    Confucius used to say “With enough food and shelter, then passion, sympathy, morality and justice will follow.”

  2. They kept our house very nicely. Since they were party organizers and they loved the garden. Our garden was the show case for the area. They won first prize for many years.

    It was very sad that the guy died with very rare cancer and other guy move out. After his mother passed away, his old father could not maintain the house. And he moved to Florida after he sold all the collections.

  3. Yes, they won Rockville City’s best-garden award for so many years and I didn’t how they did it.

    After the death of their Mom, the father was trying very hard to stay in the house. Until, suddently his other son close-by was in debt and was pressed very hard for it. Our next door neighbor told the father that it was his retirement money and his son should responsible for his own debt. But, eventually, his son sucked up all his savings. Then, he couldn’t affort to stay in our house. Ironically, he had no where to go either, not his son’s place for some reasons. Why?

    Since I had to clean-up the house for a while, so I offered him a free room to stay. Several weeks later, he decided to move to Florida. When I saw him moving away, I was pretty sadden and almost brought tears to my eyes.

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