Last Saturday night, I went to the ballet school gala (I did wear the burgundy dress). I had a nice time – I wanted to showcase Christine’s centerpieces:


As I said before, I had never gone to a gala before. I went mainly because I wanted to support the effort that went into making the centerpieces, but also I wanted to spy on a gala and see what it was all about. I learned that cool lighting can really change a room – that a live auction is pretty fun if you have a couple hundred or maybe a thousand dollars to spend on stuff. (I did win a bud vase at the silent auction, which was much, much less than a thousand dollars. Woo hoo for me!)

2 thoughts on “Well!”

  1. Ohhh pretty. I love Gala events. But I know what you mean … the only ones i’ve been was related to work so I didn’t pay for my ticket … which were $700 each. insane!

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