At home with the kids.

Our sitter, Yvonne, is in Miami for three days this week. On Wednesday, Jeremy did the morning and I came home just in time for the school pick up. Today, Jeremy stayed home and tomorrow I will stay home.

Since I work, I often do not get to meet a lot of the folks in my children’s lives. For example, Wednesday was the first time I met Edda’s afternoon bus driver and bus aide and of course, I’ve already forgotten their names.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to Vince’s school – it just happens that they have an augmentative communication program at the school and I’m going to see what it’s like and if it is appropriate for Edda. The requirement for entrance is to be able to do 50 PECS/pictures or symbols on an ACC device and Edda can not meet that goal right now, not even close. What can I say, it’s a struggle – this communication thing. It often depresses me and I think I can do better. Sigh.

Some of the kids in the augmentative communication program mainstream into Vincent’s social studies class and he often partners with a little boy in a wheelchair who uses an augmentative communication device we call the Big Box of Words. I have never met this little boy, but it gives me great pleasure to imagine Vince with this other little kid in social studies class together figuring out how the US government works.


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