The crap collection area.

We are trying to tame our clutter buy purchasing various “organizational systems” from IKEA. Each time we come up with a new organizational plan, I feel so hopeful and excited that once the shelf is installed, my life will be orderly.


Emy, Jeremy’s sister, was suppose to come to town last night because the organization she works for is somehow associated with a performance at the Kennedy Center that is happening this weekend, but an ice storm hit NY yesterday, all the trains were canceled and besides that, her car was stuck in the garage behind an electric garage door opener. So she’s trying to make it down today for tonight’s performance.

2 thoughts on “The crap collection area.”

  1. Getting organized is all about getting rid of stuff. Take one room and see what do I not need and get rid of it. Someone else will make better use of it. Don’t look back. Hope this doesn’t burst your bubble about new shelving units but the more places, closets etc. you have then the more stuff you can accumulate. I realized when Josh came into my life that little kids grow and their stuff accumulates over night like little rabbits in a pen. Here’s my advice: Always have a bag in every room or nearby for donations. I have a grocery sack in my closet and I go to Goodwill or somewhere else that is easy i.e. on my way and donate once a month. I recycle all those plastic containers that have no matching lids the second I realize it. There is a box in the garage. When Josh was little once a month I’d have to go through his room and get rid of toys, clothes, books, etc. I put stuff on my neighborhood listserve that says “free and it is on the curb”. That works like magic! Of course, these are only suggestions

  2. Doris is already hip to this minimalist religion of yours, and you are her guru. She is always trying to pare things back, but after several confrontations is cautious about throwing away my “crap”. Our crap, as Doris calls it, is everyone’s backpack for school and bike locks, etc. that we use everyday. The model I prefer to imagine for our foyer is a corridor lined with lockers or cubby holes, depending on the grade you like to imagine yourself in.

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