Fussy, fussy.

Edda’s been fussy and complaining a lot lately. I just spent 45 minutes in bed with her listening to her cry and trying not to go crazy myself. It’s pretty hard to do. Lately, during the day, she’ll be happily watching TV and then all of a sudden, she’ll cry at the top of her lungs for 15 minutes while we try and change the video, take her to the potty, try and feed her, etc and then as suddenly as it started, it’s all over. I don’t know if she’s constipated, reflux-y, tired, hungry, in pain, or just pissed that we are having chicken again for dinner (trust me, sometimes Vince gets the most angry at us for our dinner selections, so I wouldn’t put it past Edda). I reminds me of her crying jags in the midst of her regression a few years ago, I hope that it isn’t her brain somehow rearranging itself to regress again. Who knows?

Interspersed with all this fussiness have been some really fantastic days where it seems like she loves to do everything that we are doing – for example, a few weekends ago, we went to Target and Edda acted like it was the most amazing shopping trip evah! Laughing and smiling and walking for over an hour, why can’t everyday be happy? I know, everyday can’t be like a trip to Target, but still, one can hope and wish.

See? Even doing the famous bath/soap/mohawk thing-y couldn’t cheer Edda up.


On the other hand, Vince loved it.


3 thoughts on “Fussy, fussy.”

  1. I think both of you are good parents and Edda is a good girl.

    Just the communication gets fussy up. Don't let it get to you, smiling while doing your best.

    Love, Noel

  2. It could be teeth? Or an illness coming on like a cold? Hang in there Doris. It may not help to say so but you are doing are great job. You and Jeremy are fantastic parents.

  3. See you guys soon. Vince, we will cook somethig together.

    Edda is a nice girl and it may be her teeth. Hope she feels better soon.

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