Mrs. Wong

Jane loves make-up (she’s 12) and I volunteered to be her model at Sunday night dinner. Growing up, I somehow completely skipped over the makeup phase. I loved hair, but I didn’t care very much about make-up. Jane turned me into a completely different person who I now affectionately refer to as Mrs. Wong. Look at them eyebrows! Jane started to pluck some of my white hairs and I told her that she needed to stop because there are a million of them now – you can clearly see them in the first photo. Ack!



3 thoughts on “Mrs. Wong”

  1. Mrs. Wong you look like the perfect 1960's house wife. This is funny. I think you look pretty good. When ever I'm weak and let those gals at the makeup counter in the mall do me up I end up looking like a lady of the evening, if ya know what I mean.

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