Being outside.

We’ve gone to a million and a half beaches this week – all of them with pretty cold water, all of them very sandy. Going to the beach with kids is way more fun than going with just other adults. Vince and Donald sunburned a little bit. Jeremy managed to protect his delicate skin with enough gloopy sunscreen so he still looks like he spends all of his days inside a windowless office.



One thought on “Being outside.”

  1. Rena and I were pretty happy that Doris, her family, Donald and us could get together for a few days, especially along with Doris and Donald's busy schedules.

    We started out on Monday night at a Lee's Dinner in Los Angeles. Then we moved together to Lego Land for a day and half. After that, we were at San Luis Obispo for 2 1/2 days. We visited several beaches and Rena even flew a kite. Got her shoes and pants wet on the beach whiling playing with her grandkids. She was indeed a grandmom-class kid 🙂

    We had much fun together. And they are heading to San Francisco at this moment while we are workig in our office to makeup some lost time.

    Working in the office is fun too, without kids' crying, screaming, jumping or even laughing all the time 🙂

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