Saturday sleepover.

Vince had his first sleepover at the house this past weekend. I left Jeremy in charge because I skipped out and went to hockey. The kids made homemade pizza and watched a movie and then there was a lot of whispering in the dark, but everyone was asleep by 10 pm. In the morning, there was lots of Pokemon talk.


Jeremy made the super special sleepover breakfast, bacon and pancakes.


Edda is still getting up regularly at 5:30 am and wants to nap soon after breakfast, most times we can get her to avoid this nap as we want to try and encourage her to sleep past 5:30 am. However, during the super special sleepover breakfast, Jeremy was talking to me about some (extremely exciting, I’m sure) chemistry thing and apparently it was soooo boring, Edda had to fall asleep two minutes into the discussion.


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