Weekend haircut.

We trimmed Edda’s bangs this weekend. It seems like we do this every 3 weeks – just because we always only take about half an inch off each time, just enough to clear her eyes… Jeremy is much more patient than I am, so he got to control the scissors. I got to hold Edda’s arms down so they weren’t flailing around and getting into bits of hair.


Vince trying to do some hairstyling. Edda has the longest hair in the house and so she’s the best candidate for braiding and pony-tails.


Edda tips by giving a Hi-five!


4 thoughts on “Weekend haircut.”

  1. Jeremy can cut the hair and he also can take PASSPORT pictures. Rena loves to take her passport pictures at home but I can't take a good one. This time, I know where to go and save. There are our pictures to be taken for Chinese and Brazilian Visa soon.

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