Fashion from Last Week

By request, I have posted. but here’s my update.

The last couple of months seem to have been drama filled. Of my friends i count: 1 possible divorce. 4 break ups. Of the breakups: One guy commitment-phobe, another guy, ex issues, one girl moved, one girl turns gay. 1 friend got rejected by a girl. Another girl too shy to tell boy that she likes him. 1 friend finally get together with someone after a long search – she’s really happy. 🙂

For me. I’ve been trying to get out and date. I’ve had a couple adventures there, and they are continuing along. I won’t say too much in the public forum. but it’s definitely been keeping me busy;

This photo is from a happy hour in the city that I went to last week. Had a great ribeye steak dinner there too. 🙂 yum

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  1. Divorce is bad. Mom and I have had a lot of disagreemnt. And I am sure, sometimes Mom thinks I am living in different worlds – crazy enough. But, old dog, old holding-hands (spouse) and old reserves ($$$) are three "olds" in Chinese saying that one needs to treasure a lot. Disagreement, yes and all the time. "Boiling over to the breaking point", no, not once.

    Tolerance rules and works wonder.

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