Yellow balloon fair.

Yesterday, we went to the Yellow Balloon Fair. Ponies, pizza, mardi gras beads and cotton candy.


The lady leading the ponies around in a small circle did not seem very excited to be there, we had come during the last 20 minutes of a 4 hour fair, so it was understandable that perhaps one tires of helping small children up onto ponies and leading them on a ride to nowhere – even though the weather was fantastically beautiful. This weekend, I have been feeling a little like I’m going in small circles – one foot dutifully going in front of the other, but going nowhere in particular.

I had a chance to introduce Edda to a bunch of neighborhood people who, I think, did not know of Edda’s existence, which is a little strange to me. This is the first year where Edda does not come or go with Vince on the daily school walk (Edda’s morning school bus come at the exact same time as Vince’s walk to school and she comes home about 30 minutes after he’s home), so there have been some folks that I have met without the company of Edda. Edda had a nice time at the fair – walking around and enjoying the sun on her face.


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