Camping again –


As I think we are committed (both in senses of the word) to camp again with the scouts this year, we finally bought a tent (hooray Labor Day sale at REI). We had originally thought we needed a 2-room 8-person tent and supply it with two inflatable queen sized mattresses, but somehow, based on the stuff on sale that we saw, we ended up with at 1-room, 5-person tent. Apparently we enjoy stuff on sale for half price more than we love having two rooms while camping. I think we might be able to fit one inflatable queen sized mattress in this tent, we will inevitably argue about who gets to sleep on said inflatable mattress, as all four of us cannot fit on a single mattress. However, we did not find the inflatable mattress on sale at REI, so it is not purchased yet, I assume that maybe we will all be sleeping again on the hard ground on the next trip.

As soon as it arrived, we went camping on the deck. Edda inaugurated it with her afternoon 15 minute nap.


Ruby checked out the luxurious accommodations:


Vince finished up the camp out with an outdoor picnic in the back yard. Vince had gone earlier in the day with Jeremy grocery shopping and managed to persuade Jeremy that instead of just the traditional berry and fruit flavored yogurt, that we needed to branch out into foreign territory such as French Vanilla and Orange Creme. And it is one of those flavors that Vince is eating in this photo.


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