First week of school.


The first week of school is over. Edda has a familiar school, a new teacher and a new classroom. Edda’s “seizures” have been increasing in frequency and intensity over the summer. I call them “seizures” because that’s what everyone who sees them wants to call them, but I think they are not true seizures because she can usually hold onto the wall or a table and not fall down, she can still respond to her name and even still drink water – but she shakes and is rigid and clearly unhappy. And when I say they are increasing in frequency, I mean they have increased from non-existent to now, maybe 2 or 3 times a week for 5-10 minutes. We have seen this pattern before, where these episodes increase for 6 months to a year and then slowly disappear for the same time period and then return again, so I’m hoping that they go away again in the next few months. Unfortunately, I forgot to brief the new teacher or the nurse’s office at the beginning of the school year, so Edda had one of these “seizures” at lunch on Friday and we got a series of messages on the home/work and cell phones before Jeremy managed to get in touch with them.

Vince started the school year in 3rd grade – without his best buddy from 2nd grade who moved away during the summer (every year, Vince seems to have a best buddy who manages to move away during the summer..). So there is some social rejiggering happening in the classrooms which is causing some angst. Homework started coming home on day 1 followed by tears on Wed about how hard 3rd grade was. And it is hard. The reading is hard with words like “instincts” and “characteristics” and the math is full of acute and obtuse angles and a little book where math notes are copied down diligently everyday. I don’t remember taking notes in class until junior high, but I have a very poor memory.

The weather is beautiful this weekend, hurricane Earl has managed to bring the temperature and humidity down so when I close my eyes, I can imagine that I’m in San Francisco.

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