Wrapping paper.

I went a little crazy this Christmas and bought myself a bulk roll of silver wrapping paper. I did not realize it would be very heavy. I did not realize that it would be made even heavier by my husband making me a wooden silver wrapping paper dispenser with a scotch tape dispenser screwed into the base (so you never have to go looking for the tape!). I am questioning if this was a wise move because I think I’m saving money per square foot of wrapping paper, but now it no longer fits into any sort of reasonable size storage area. I am hoping to never buy wrapping paper again.


One thought on “Wrapping paper.”

  1. That looks like some serious Martha Stewart style paper and device. Hang it on the wall in your gargae above a table like in the gift wrapping dept at the mall. Or put it in the kitchen and tell people it is aluminum foil.

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