Land’s End.

I do most of my non-grocery shopping online. I just find it less frustrating, more time efficient and a great way to comparison shop. For most of our clothing and household textiles, from underwear to business suits – backpacks to towels, we shop the overstock pile at Land’s End. Because I’m always buying stuff on sale, none of the sheets match each other and Jeremy owns ten pairs of white boxer shorts with a totally hilarious ant print on them. We also tend to buy swimsuits in January and snowpants in June. Most of the time, the kids don’t even register that I’ve exchanged out old, worn, too small clothes with new ones, but the last shipment they saw these great fuzzy sweatshirts and both the kids loved and put them on right away and rolled around the floor with them on! They are both getting so big, I can almost wear the sweatshirts myself, the sleeves are just a few inches too short!


Happy 80th Birthday to Big Brother

I don’t like to celebrate my birthday in public. I prefer to have a quieter dinner among immediate family members. Since I am from the Orient and there are certain things that I wouldn’t, shouldn’t and can’t escape. Therefore, Rena and I, are very happy to attend Rena big brother’s birthday party in Hong Kong. The party was restricted to his family members, long time friends and, 2/3 of them were his company’s managers from mainland China. The total is 146 which, in Chinese pronunciation, means happy (6) all the way (14). Big brother was very happy about this coincident number.

In the party, it had all the stuffs that party had, such as music, professional announcer, two photographers, fine wines, many prizes (grand prize is a red envelop of ~ US450.00) and, regrettably, the shark fin soup. All these managers were on a 4-day Hong Kong tour paid by big brother’s Company, including their regular salary and time spent to get their Hong Kong visa. It was really enjoying your guided tour while getting paid.
Here, there are three pictures to share:
1) Rena and I dressed up in the party
2) Big Brother & sister with their sons and daughters
3) Rena on a big brother Company’s tour.

Military Bowl.


I got the chance to go to the Military Bowl at RFK stadium last week with a friend of mine who wanted some company sitting in the cold. I have never gone to a football game besides high school ones I went to over 20 years ago and my college was not known as a football powerhouse, so I missed out on being a fanatic fan of anything. I am actually so lame that I thought the Redskins were still playing at RFK, but apparently they moved to FedEx field over a decade ago.

The Military Bowl featured the match up of the Maryland Terps against the East Carolina Pirates and, honestly, I had never heard about East Carolina University before the game, but apparently they have enough people who have heard about them that a good number of them showed up to color to opposite side of RFK purple.

They had a very impressive pirate head which billowed purple smoke.


And after two weeks of bitter cold winds and temperatures, it was a surprisingly pleasant day and I throughly enjoyed the company and brushed up on my football rules and had nachos for lunch!


Happy new year!

Edda spent the whole first day of the new year in her pajamas. Who’s fault was that? Now she can go straight to bed with no fuss or muss! We should all spend our days in pajamas drinking hot cocoa.


Vince had a sleepover last night – lots of Wii games, popcorn, and fart jokes. I have no idea how long they slept. They were awake when I went to sleep and awake when I woke up. It is 6:30 pm now and he is OUT for the night.


New year’s resolutions:



1) Mom in front of Alabarster Sphinx & Pyramid
2) Mom & Michelle Young in front of Abu Simbel (Relocated for Aswan High Dam)
3) Mom & our flat tire pickup track during a Safari Desert Fun Ride
4) Noel swimming in the Red Sea
5) Mom & poor man fishing rod in the Red Sea
6) This Egyptian lady tour guide speaks excellent Chinese after just 4 years of study in Cairo. Btw, there are a lot of Chinese tourists in Egypt.