Edda and her needs.


I just watched Maxi make a nest out of the pile of clean laundry on our bedroom floor. I guess the laundry is not so clean anymore, it all has a bit of eau de Maxi sprinkled all over it now. Oh well. Edda tried on this funny hat at Sunday night dinner last weekend and all I could think of was – crazy, silly EEG equipment.

Edda is doing well – cruising through the last bits of the school year. I’m not sure if I updated on the blog, but turns out the seizure meds were depressing her platelet levels and now that she is off of them – not only have her platelets rebounded, but also, we remain seizure free! (Keeping fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc, etc). Everyone has noticed the return of the old, more awake, non-medicated Edda and so we keep hoping that the seizures stay far far away. Jeremy was so taken by Edda’s return of energy that he said that if the seizures come back (I think it really is only a matter of time), that he would almost prefer the VNS surgery because it has no systemic side effects. Anyways, we just wait and hope and enjoy this seizure free time with her.

Our custom stair lift is coming on Friday. At 70 pounds, I am scared to take Edda downstairs and it really is impossible to ask it of our caregivers, so we bit the bullet and it’s coming on Friday.

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