Learning life skills.

Vince is learning to cook – the sous chef of Jeremy.  Spinach no less.  Vince will actually eat the spinach.  Often Vince cooks and then refuses to eat the food that he cooks. 


A few weeks ago, Vince accidentally broke a window in the house by throwing something he wasn’t suppose to throw around the house.  I had just come back from the glass place and told him that it was going to be more than $200 to repair the damage.  He acknowledged my comment, but then instead of apologizing or offering to pay for some of the damage from his allowance, he immediately asked if he could buy a new deck of Magic cards.  I told him that one of the life skills that one needs to learn is that you have to have your mom in a good mood before you ask for something.  So in order to get me in a “good mood” he started flitting about, feeding Edda, clearing plates and laying the charm on thick. 


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