Pouring rain!

I almost can’t believe it, but I have been a diligent runner since the beginning of summer – I’ve found an early morning running partner, I’ve found a running club, I’ve found race friends. It doesn’t mean that I don’t run on my own, one of the best parts of running is that it is cheap and fast, you leave your house and you are back home at the end of the workout – no scheduled class to make, no drive to the gym – this week, I’m doing early morning runs by myself and Maxi – rocking out to my electronica music and wearing my reflective safely patrol gear.


Maxi is usually a very good running partner, eager and persistent and excited. All the motivation I need to head out in the dark and cold. Yesterday provided an extra challenge – pouring rain. I though I saw a break in the rain when I headed out, but by the time I hit the half mile mark, I was soaked through and Maxi was looking very, very sad and not going very fast. So I took a shortcut and headed home. As soon as Maxi discovered that we were headed home, she practically broke out in a sprint.

Hours later, it was still pouring – Vince convinced me to walk to school. That did not work out so well 🙁


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