Rainbows, unicorns and cotton candy.

Ah, look at the glory of a nice picture taken by a real camera! We love Boba so much – he is scheduled to head home in the middle of October and we will be so sad when he leaves. He is 20 pounds and lets me hold him like a nursing baby. He sleeps on Vince’s pillow at night. He runs into walls because he is blind.


I know I said no more instagram photos, but it’s not true. I am a hypocrite.


After a tough, tough summer with Edda’s moods, we have now had a few weeks where Edda is happy and excited to be out and about,  I hope this mood never goes away. This weekend I took her Vince’s soccer game and it was fine. Almost relaxing. I was beginning to doubt myself that I could take Edda on my own into the outside world, but there I was on a beautiful day with my beautiful daughter just hanging out.


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